Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Its amazing what a difference

a good doctor can make.  I met with RE #2.  I immediately liked him.  I felt that he actually cared about the 'whole' me and not just the getting me pregnant.  Unlike the previous Dr, he wanted me to get a bone scan to ensure I don't have to much bone loss (a side effect of decreased estrogen).  He is also willing to prescribe HRT (yay!).  He even gave me hope.  In his opinion, the immune system is attacking the maturing follicles.  He theorizes that my odds for getting pregnant may be improved by being on birth control for three months and then heavily monitoring me once I come off to do well timed sex or an IUI.  In theory this would give me one shot at getting pregnant.  Three months is a long time to wait for one shot.  But one is better than none.  I'm still getting a third opinion, but at the end of this month. I now know I will at least have a path forward.


  1. Have you considered an IVF cycle rather than an iui? Your chances would be much higher, especially with a 3 month wait. Glad you have some hope restored.

  2. Thanks Liz. I wish I could do an IVF. My understanding is that the issue with POI/POF women is that we don't respond well to drugs. ie: if we don't ovulate on our own then no amount of drugs can 'make' a woman with POF/POI ovulate.